About us

Technical products designed for accessible and safe mobility for all. Access Safety, S.L. is a company born in Barcelona, specializing in urban solutions for a comfortable and safe mobility that assumes as its own the mission of the Design for All Foundation (of which it is a member of the Board), that is, collaborate in the intervention on environments , products and services that ensure that all people, including future generations, regardless of age, gender, abilities or cultural background, can enjoy participating in the construction of our society on equal terms.

From the beginning, our passion for research led us to focus from a new perspective on the challenges of the urban and architectural environment: accidents, dirt, constant maintenance, pollution and lack of comfort, accessibility and sustainability.

We work for technicians and citizens with the commitment to build a high-quality public space for all.

Our goal is to recover the city as a meeting place to live it without limits, finding the balance between the different urban uses.

Pedestrian crossing boardwalk seat father son

Therefore, Access Safety products are the result of long experience in different areas of knowledge such as industrial transformation of minerals, urban planning, road safety, ergonomics, architecture and engineering.
Therefore, we have taken on the challenge of producing better paving materials inspired by nature but improving the physicochemical qualities and minimizing the impact on production, transport and installation.

manufactures antibacterial flooring

Currently research and development allow us to offer a range of products that is constantly expanding as our customers and citizens propose new problems to solve. For this reason, our products have already been used in urban and architectural projects on three continents contributing to the improvement of safety, landscaping and the quality of life of citizens and workers.