Access Safety

Sintering is a process of manufacturing moulded solid parts, consisting of compacting at high pressure several powders and / or small pebbles mixed homogeneously and, once compacted, performing a heat treatment, at a temperature lower than the melting temperature of the mixture, obtaining a consolidated and compact piece.

This manufacturing process provides a very high cohesion of the powders, creating strong bonds between the particles, which end up joining in a single block with the shape of a certain mold.

In order to provide new flooring products meeting current urban planning and architecture requirements Access Safety has developed a new range of products based on sintering processes of natural stones and concretes.

The process consists of analysing the components present in a natural stone, formulating the mixture of minerals, amalgamating them homogeneously, subjecting them to high pressure and to temperatures of quasi fusion.

In this way it is possible to emulate the appearance of any natural stone, but guaranteeing its homogeneity, improving its physicochemical qualities and, therefore, its mechanical behaviour: hardness, resistance to breakage, stains and extreme temperatures, low porosity and dilatation.

This new manufacturing method in turn greatly reduces the environmental impact as discarded materials from quarries and others from recycling are used. Its greater resistance to breakage allows to provide better mechanical performance with lower thicknesses and weights, also reducing the environmental impact of its transport and the hardship of its installation.